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Direct pay dermatology is care provided to you without the constraints of traditional insurance. 

There is transparency in care and cost. 

Unlike traditional insured model, you know exactly what you are paying at the time of your appointment and no billing will occur after your appointment. 

Our patients love this transparency and so do we!
Man Getting Botox

Full body examinations $190

This thorough full body skin exam, performed by Board Certified Dermatologist and skin expert:  Dr Jennifer Breedlove.  Dr Breedlove screens your entire body.  This exam includes five freezing treatments if necessary. Additional biopsies or treatments will incur an additional charge and may require a follow up appointment depending on complexity. It is recommended that all patients have an annual full body screening exam to detect skin cancer at its earliest stages and discuss individual plans to prevent skin cancer and maximize overall skin health. 

Hair Loss Evaluation & Examination $190

This through hair evaluation by Dr Breedlove and her staff includes a thorough evaluation (please bring a list of all your medications and over the counter products to your appointment) as well as copies of any recent laboratory (within the three months) for this examination.  Full history as well as diagnosis and treatment options will be provided. If additional laboratory or biopsy is required, you will be notified and may incur an additional cost.

The Acne or Rosacea Exam $150

This examination is for those suffering from acne or rosacea.  Dr Breedlove and her staff will evaluate the skin, discuss current skin care regimens and design an individualized plan of action. No two acne or rosacea patients are the same so this is a unique approach by a true expert!  Additional ancillary services like chemical peels for acne may be recommended at this time and pricing for these services will be discussed.

The New Rash Exam $150

This exam is intended for new rashes.  Dr Breedlove and her staff will exam, obtain a thorough history, review medications and supplements as well as diagnose and treat your ailment.  A biopsy may be warranted (see below and may incur additional costs.

The New Lesion of Concern Exam $150

This examination is for a new lesion of concern.  Treatment with liquid nitrogen is included in this examination.  A biopsy or other treatment that requires removal and further diagnosis will incur an additional charge.  Two or more lesions of concern should book a full body skin examination (see above).

Skin Biopsy (Single Lesion) $95

This procedure requires local anesthesia, and thorough wound care instructions and after care ointment will be provided. 


Skin specimens will be sent to a board certified dermatopatholgist for diagnosis.  Specimen charges and dermatopathology charges will be handled by the lab and may be billed through your insurance.  Cash prices for biopsies available upon request.

Additional Services & Pricing

Freezing of benign lesions starting at $50


Skin tag removal starting at $50

Requires local anesthesia

Follow up appointments starting at $75  

Depend on complexity and amount of concerns

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