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Is This Spot On My Skin Okay?

Here is where you can learn how to easily apply the ABCDEs of melanoma.

So, the story is that you’ve had this lesion on your skin (spot) for sometime. You’ve thought about it and may have even asked a family member to take a look at it.

In dermatology, we have a mnemonic that we share with patients that helps to somewhat demystify your spot. It’s called the ABCDEs of melanoma.

A stands for asymmetry. If you can imagine folding the lesion in half and each side mirrors the the other. This is considered symmetrical. ASYMMETRICAL lesions (one side is different than the other) can be concerning.

B stands for border. We like nice smooth boarders. If the boarder is scalloped, jagged and not smooth, it can be concerning.

C stands for color. The color should be uniform. If there are multiple colors like blue, pink, white or multiple other colors, that can be concerning.

D stands for diameter. Larger than an eraser tip (6mm) can be concerning.

E is evolution. If your spot is changing, that can be concerning.

As always, your board certified dermatologist can help determine if a spot that you have is concerning.

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